FischerKLIPTEC – Product description
Handcrafted standing seam roofs have a long tradition. They have mostly been used where very high demands have been placed on the roofs, e.g., in Alpine countries. Standing seam roofs have proved their reliability for decades, even under extremely harsh conditions. Prefabricated FischerKLIPTEC elements, protected as a registered design, are a further development of the handcrafted roofs.
The roofing system is made up of just one element. Accessories such as retaining angles or clips are not required. It is conveniently installed using a clip connection.


Thanks to the well though-out clip system, the roof element is swiftly and easily installed with no additional costs for accessories or special tools.
FischerKLIPTEC elements are used for roofing in combination with various load-bearing sheets and an intermediate insulation layer or as a self-supporting structure. Due to the barbed design of the covered area, the clip connection of the longitudinal joint has high retaining forces, which positively prevent the opening of the longitudinal joint even in the event of high wind uplift forces.

FischerKLIPTEC is a suitable concept for all kinds of new roofing and refurbishments on industrial and residential buildings.

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In our reference gallery, we present a general view of some selected completed projects. Here you will see various buildings, some of them rather spectacular, that have been realised using Fischer elements.

With innovative concepts such as FischerKLIPTEC and FischerTHERM Carrier, we set new standards in product design so that you can accomplish projects that are worthwhile to see - today and tomorrow.

Be inspired by the variety of these buildings and the large range of design options, which are available using Fischer Profil products.

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